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When we perform a scheduled cleaning service, we arrive on time and ready to work.

Everyday life often brings messes, especially when you share your living space with young children and/or animal companions. But maintaining a clean home is important in preventing the spread of illness and providing a safe and welcoming place for those who visit it. If you’re struggling to find time for housecleaning, our team of professionals at EDLA VIP Cleaning Services can take on the task for you. We work with clients located in and near Sarasota, Florida to provide scheduled cleaning services. By having housecleaning on your regular schedule, you can ensure that your space is always clean, inviting, and safe for residents and visitors.

Scheduled Cleaning in Sarasota, Florida

When we perform a scheduled cleaning service, we arrive on time and ready to work. You can choose what works with your schedule, whether that involves having us come on a weekly basis or spreading out your scheduled cleaning to accommodate a busy lifestyle. We’ll make sure the day and time we come works for you, and we’ll bring all the equipment needed to refresh and clean your space. Our cleaning professionals follow a detailed checklist to ensure that every inch of every room gets the proper attention.

With our scheduled cleaning services, you’ll get the VIP treatment. We can perform seasonal cleaning to prep your space for the changing climate conditions, as well as more frequent scheduled cleaning services to maintain the appearance of your home. You can also count on us to take care of commercial cleaning needs at your facility. Reach out to request an estimate.


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